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10 Best Badass Welding Helmets, Hoods & Masks

Welding helmets are an important part of a welder’s apparel. They are designed to protect the welder’s eyes from arc rays, spatter, and molten metal.

In fact that spark and mold particles can cause damage to your face, burn your hair, and even cause a scar on your skin which in most cases are permanent.

It is therefore important to use a welding helmet for both professionals and a hobbyist.

If you need welding helmets, you need to be careful about the quality of the helmet. You don’t want to be stuck with a low-quality helmet.

Considerations when selecting a helmet

  1. Do I Need a Single Fixed Shade or Variable Shade Lens?
  2. What About Switching Speed?
  3. Battery, Solar Power, or Both?
  4. What about Personal Preference?
  5. Can I wear it every day?
  6. Make sure that your neck becomes stiffer when you wear a helmet.
  7. Be careful about the maximum size and the maximum amount of sensors in the helmet
  8. Noted that welding helmet Sensors trigger the automatic darkening of shades
  9. Lens shades prevent flashing when welding, so make sure that you have purchased the best lens technology welding helmet.
  10. How much weight you can carry while long working hours? The helmet shouldn’t be too bulky or heavy.
  11. Is it heavy or lightweight?

List of Badass welding helmets 2022

Nowadays welding helmets come with a wide range of features such as auto-darkening mode, a wide range of goggles and lenses, and options to attach Bluetooth.

This blog will give a comprehensive rundown of what to look for in a welding helmet. It will look at the different kinds of hoods, why they’re important, and what to look for when choosing a helmet.

Wearing a hood doesn’t mean you can’t have to work in style. Looking good while getting the job done is what’s important! Be safe and keep up with the trend of high-end helmets by finding one that fits your needs.

Review air tools that are necessary for your home needs,

Check out the list of Cool welding helmets below:

Top-end safety glasses for welding

1. Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 MOJO 

VIKING 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet
  • Industry Leading Optics - 4C Lens Technology, 1/1/1/1 optical clarity, and extra large 12.5 sq. inch viewing area
  • All Day Comfort - Innovative X6 headgear distributes weight, reduces pressure, and optimizes balance
  • Increased Productivity - External low profile grind control
  • Professional Versatility - Optimized performance for all welding/cutting processes and environments
  • 3 Year hassle free warranty

In the long queue of the best lincoln welding helmets, it is designed with a wide viewing area and 4C lens technology.

This auto-darkening Lincoln welding helmet Viking 3350 has grind mode with a solar-powered source. This lincoln Viking 3350 review is our top choice that makes your welding works safer and more durable.


3M Speedglas 100 Welding Helmet Tribute 07-0012-31TB, with ADF 100V
  • 1.73 x 3.66 viewing area
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Sensitivity adjustment allows use with most Stick, MIG, TIG (>10A)
  • Optical quality gives worker a good view of the work area
  • Patriotic theme combines stars and stripes in red, white and blue

Review this best welding helmet for beginners, much lightweight, and has high optical quality. Good for welders as are designed for industrial/occupational use only.

Although it is not attractive in its design but helps in clear and durable welding operations.

3. Lincoln Electric Badass Welding Helmet

Lincoln Electric Viking 2450 Series - Graveyard Shift
  • PREMIUM OPTICS – The 2450 Series features the exclusive 4C lens technology which creates a crystal clear, true color view of the arc and puddle. This enhances your control and increases weld quality while reducing eye strain.
  • LARGE LENS - The 9.3 square inch auto darkening lens provides a large field of view to offer enhanced application versatility, increases productivity and also has added safety benefits.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT - The one-of-a-kind X6 Headgear contours to the operator’s head to evenly distribute weight across six key contact points. This improves balance, eliminates pressure points and provides a personalized fit for maximum comfort.
  • INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY - Innovative low-profile external grind button allows you to quickly switch between weld and grind modes without having to remove the helmet or your gloves.

What shade of lense is needed for arc welding?

This premium blend of comfort, optics, and productivity is named as this best welding goggles “Lincoln electric helmets”, and is the best lens for arc welding.

The external grind button allows you to quickly switch from weld to grind mode, significantly reducing downtime for professionals to save time.

For safety benefits, it is designed with a large lens for better protection.

4. ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet

ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet, Black Low-Profile Design, High...
  • Revolutionary shell design - high impact resistance nylon.
  • Halo headgear - ergonomic, infinitely-adjustable 5 point head gear provides extreme comfort and balance. Low-profile design, central pivot point allows for maximum head clearance while helmet is in the up position.
  • 3.93 x 2.36 in. (100 x 60 mm) viewing area. 1/1/1/2 –5-13 ADF.
  • Color touch screen control panel with 8 separate memory settings and externally activated shade 4 Grind Button.
  • Hard hat adapter option available for use with ESAB hard hat (excluding Canada).

The ESAB Sentinel A50 is a professional auto-Darkening Welding hood that features a shade 5-13 lens with external grind control.

This manual Welding helmet reviews auto-darkening ensures the Sentinel A50 is fully digital with a touch screen clear interface and real color technology.

Its Welding lens has 8 memory settings with a full 9.27 inches of the great Viewing area. The ADF has a low amperage TIG Welding range down to 2 amps!

This comfortable Sentinel Welding helmet shell is made of durable, high-impact resistant nylon and features a cool ergonomic, five-pot, fitely adjustable HALO headgear that features itself as a Quality hood.


Optrel Panoramaxx 2.5 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Black #1010.000
  • ISOFIT Headgear
  • AUTOPILOT - Detection of the arc brightness and fully automated shade level adjustment from 5 to 12. Adjusts automatically to the changing light conditions of the current welding method.
  • TRUE COLOR - A specially developed UV/IR filter allows the realistic color perception typical of Optrel, bringing color to the welder’s world. TRUE COLOR passes more colors of the spectrum through compared to standard "green" spectrum welding lenses.
  • LIGHT STATE 2.5 - The much brighter view of your working environment in light state increases both safety and efficiency in the workplace.

Which one is the best welding helmet for the money? The Optrel Panoramaxx auto-darkening welding hood provides up to 6X the viewing area of a standard 2″ X 4″ auto-dark welding lens. That is too good in quality and clarity allows the welding lens to be positioned closer to your face.

This auto-darkening welding helmet is coupled with the unique Panoramaxx shell design.

This hood has advanced features like Autopilot, which automatically adjusts the shade level based on the brightness of the arc and True Color.

The Panoramaxx is designed with a bright, clear shade 2.5 light states and a built-in rechargeable battery life. Additionally, a micro USB charging port is available for work.

Badass welding hoods under $200

6. ANTRA AH7-X90-6403SAVE PHACE 3011322 | Lightweight welding helmet

Save Phace 3011322 Gate Keeper Gen-Y Welding Helmet
  • World's 1ST welding helmet with an adjustable ADF integrated into a 180 lens design
  • Ear to ear vision
  • World's 2Nd largest viewing area (23 square inches)
  • Weighs less than 24 oz
  • The lightest welding helmet in the world

The Budget pick just came in the best welding helmet under $200, still, make sure the durable design and provides a great comfort zone to welders. It features adjustable ADF integrated into a 180 lens design.

It is a lightweight cool welding hood and meets or exceeds ANSI, CE, AUS/Nz, and CSA standards.

It is not a 4C lens but good-quality badass welding.

7. HOBART 770751 IMPACT BONEHEAD2 AUTO-DARK HELMET | Cheap welding hoods

Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
724 Reviews
Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
  • Large 9.3- square-inch viewing area with wide screen frmat provides improved visibility
  • Four independent arc sensors provides dependable arc detection
  • Grind mode prevents lens from Darkening for clear, visible grinding

One of the most popular badass welding with auto darkening feature that is the cheapest in the list of tools. Your search for the best welding helmet under $100 stops here. No doubt it is the cheapest but provides a large 9.3- square-inch viewing area which competes with quality Lincoln electric hoods.

Clarity is the feature that comes in the priority queue in buying cool helmets and we have listed all welding mask keeping in mind this.

Best Badass Hoods For welders Under $100

8. ANTRA AH7-X90-7333 | Best budget helmet

Antra True Color Light Resting Shade 3/5-13, DP3 Digital Solar Power Auto...
  • 【Safety & Protection】Passive Filter with Permanent shade 13 to UV/IR, combined with double-layered auto dimming LCD shutter, providing sufficient and accurate shade range within 3/5-8/9-13 to visible lights; Meets ANSI Z87.1 Standards
  • 【Comfort & Convenience】Lighter resting shade 3, clearer viewing and great for dim environments; Quick and easy Grind/Weld switching button located outside with timing feature; Fully automatic lens eliminates flipping hood; Quick and easy Grind/Weld switching button located outside with timing feature; Super light weight reducing neck stress
  • 【Performance】4 Premium redundant arc sensors, with highly responsive detecting and controlling units providing super-fast switching time and accurate auto shading, minimizing harmful radiant bypass, avoiding eye stress
  • 【Reliability】Interference Suppression Technologies, minimizing false triggering: less sensitive to sun lights, workshop lights while very responsive to welding arc, even the hardest to detect DC TIG: Rating > 2 Amps; Corner spread arc sensors provides more coverage, reducing blockage in complicated welding positions
  • 【Versatility】A great auto dim lens that can handle multiple processes of Plasma Cutting, abrasive wheel cutting/grinding, DC TIG, AC TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA/Stick welding, which are popular in metal fabrication industry, welding schools, welding shops, auto manufacturing and repair industry, ship factories as well as DIY hobbyists projects

This is an awesome welding hood because of its solar power charging. This is the first product on our list that is used with a battery and is a budget pick for welders.

Digital Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is designed with a Low Profile Grind Button. It is too a lightweight pick for welding work.

It is reliable and less sensitive to sunlight.

A great auto-dim lens that can handle multiple processes of Plasma Cutting, abrasive wheel cutting/grinding, DC TIG, AC TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA/Stick welding rich in versatility.


Jackson Safety Insight Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - Ultra Lightweight...
  • UPDATED MODEL: This Jackson Safety Lightweight Insight Welding Helmet with an Arc Angel design is built with 4 sensors to reduce possible blockage; It’s been newly updated with industry leading 1/1/1/1 optical clarity and True Color
  • BEST VIEWING: It provides a viewing area of 3.93" x 2.36" and offers optimal vison during all stages of the welding process without having to lift the helmet's hood
  • DIGITAL CONTROL: With variable shades from 9 to 13, it has user-friendly digital controls for sensitivity and delay adjustments for different tasks and durations; This enables welders to enjoy enhanced visibility and color recognition
  • MULTI-USE WELDING: The variable auto darkening allows you to use it for MIG, TIG, STICK, and ARC welding processes;
  • SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS: This helmet provides protection to the user's face and eyes from during welding; It’s efficient and economical, meets ANSI Z87.1 2010 standards and is CSA compliant

Cheap auto darkening welding helmets enlisted another product that is durable and comfortable in its feature with less budget.

Its Arc Angel design is built with 4 sensors to reduce possible blockage provide a means of the great viewing area.

Its Digital control is designed with variable shades from 9 to 13 for a good weld. It is a multi-use welding helmet for MIG and ARC welding processes. welding helmet for mig)

We can name it a MIG welder helmet.

10. Lincoln Electric ArcSpecs Auto-Darkening Goggles/Mask

Lincoln Electric ArcSpecs Auto-Darkening Goggles/Mask - 4C Lens Technology...
  • COMPACT, LOW PROFILE DESIGN - Excellent for tight clearance environments like fabricating an automotive roll cage, pipeline or pressure vessel
  • PREMIUM OPTICS - 4C Lens Technology, 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity and Large 7.3 Sq. In. Continuous Viewing Area
  • EXCELLENT VERSATILITY - Wide 5-13 shade range with grind mode for use in welding, plasma cutting and grinding applications
  • PROFESSIONAL FIT & COMFORT - Ultra lightweight 11.8 oz. design with soft, adjustable head covering and elastic headband
  • PORTABILITY & STORAGE - The light, compact design is more portable and easier to store than a welding helmet

Badass welding hoods, a 4C lens technology gives you modern stylish comfort and a safe look of badass welding hoods. It is an excellent hood for tight clearance environments like fabricating an automotive roll cage, pipeline, or pressure vessel.

From a functionality point of view, this electric hood is a Wide 5-13 shade range with grind mode for use in welding, plasma cutting, and grinding applications.

It is attractive to buy because of its versatile features at a budget price. It looks heavy but it is lightweight.

This badass welding helmet is designed with a soft, adjustable head covering and elastic headband.

Best Badass Welding Helmets and Hoods | Editor’s Choice

Best Overall
VIKING 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet
Under $100
Antra True Color Light Resting Shade 3/5-13, DP3 Digital Solar Power Auto...
Under $200
Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
VIKING 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet
Antra True Color Light Resting Shade 3/5-13, DP3 Digital Solar Power Auto...
Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Best Feature
Auto darkening 4C Lens Technology
Solar Power Auto Darkening
Auto Darkening with Larger Viewing area
Best Overall
VIKING 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet
VIKING 3350 Mojo Welding Helmet
Best Feature
Auto darkening 4C Lens Technology
Under $100
Antra True Color Light Resting Shade 3/5-13, DP3 Digital Solar Power Auto...
Antra True Color Light Resting Shade 3/5-13, DP3 Digital Solar Power Auto...
Best Feature
Solar Power Auto Darkening
Under $200
Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Best Feature
Auto Darkening with Larger Viewing area

Types of welding helmets

  • Passive welding helmets. This is the most basic type of welding helmet.
  • Auto-darkening helmets.
  • The solar-powered lens helmet.
  • The battery-powered helmet.
  • The fixed-shade lens welding helmet.
  • The variable-shade lens welding helmet.

Welding helmet specs

  1. Auto-darkening
  2. Independent Air
  3. Integrated Light
  4. Integrated Radio
  5. Prescription / Bifocals
  6. Sanitary / Hygienic
  7. Ventilated
  8. Comfortable
  9. Lightweight
  10. High-quality shade
  11. Large viewing area
  12. Protection
  13. Offers Cool graphics

How do you pick the right helmet?

Make sure about the badass helmets that you picked the one with a higher shade level because the darker the helmet is the more light it filters. Another most important thing you need to check is whether a welding helmet is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved or not. This will ensure the helmet keeps you safe. Always look for ANSI Z87.

Review some more safety tools here.

Power Types of Hoods

Some Helmets feature replaceable lithium batteries.

Some use a combination of solar cells with user-replaceable lithium batteries.

And some models feature solar power with a battery assist.

These all three types are good to use. The choice is yours depending on your job.

Manual vs auto-darkening Welding helmet

Auto-darkening lenses are obviously more convenient and comfortable than standard passive glass welding lenses. While wearing auto-darkening lenses, you do not need to take your helmet off to see your work. Glass welding lenses are easily replaced and discarded because they’re cheap, and you still get better vision with them.


1. What are some of the typical tasks that badass hoods are used for?

Badass welding helmets are specially designed to protect workers from the ultraviolet and infrared dangers emitted from welding arcs.

2. What’s the difference between a welding helmet and a motorcycle helmet?

A welding helmet is designed to protect from ultraviolet light, sparks, infrared light, while Motorcycle helmets are simply designed helmets that protect from falling injuries.

3. How do I know if my helmet is working?

A simple way to test an auto-darkening welding helmet is to use a torch strike that is used to light an oxy-acetylene torch. Use the striker and create some sparks. The sensor of the welding helmet should instantly notice the sparks and the helmet should switch to the dark mode.

4. Do welding helmets have batteries?

No, not all welding helmets have batteries. Instead, they have an auto-darkening feature.

5. What shade for MIG welding?

For MIG welding, welders would typically need lenses ranging from shade 10 to 13.

6. What shade is safe for welding?

The higher shades between 7 and 14 are generally used for welding work, while the smaller shades that let more light pass by are used for other work. Grinding typically is related to DIN 3, but cutting requires a shading number of 5 to 8.

7. What is a welding helmet?

A welding helmet, commonly referred to as a “hood,” is one of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment that a welder must-have.

8. What is the difference between passive helmets and auto darkening welding helmets?

Passive Helmets are manual helmets that are in dark mode all the time while auto darkening welding helmets adjust the shade from an inactive state to an active state automatically.

When you are buying welding helmets you should look for the below points:

  1. Large Viewing Area: High-Class Optics
  2. Performance: How Powerful is the Lens?
  3. Welding Helmet Comfort
  4. Welding Helmet Versatility
  5. The SPEEDGLAS Brand & AWS Support


We hope you enjoyed our article about badass welding helmets. If you’re looking for something to protect your eyes in a shop or garage setting, or anywhere, we hope this guide can help you find a high-quality pair of welding goggles that will work for you.

If you want to go with something expensive and more attractive then you must choose a Lincoln electric Viking 3350 Welding helmet.

But If you want to go for the most Budget pick, then I will suggest the Antra AH7 welding hood. It will easily cost you under $1oo.

Moreover, you can also go for $200 too in our second section.

We’re always excited to share great information and products with our readers, and we hope this helps you find the welding helmet of your dreams.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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