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6 Best Battery Powered Weedeater Reviews

Best battery powered weedeater reviews

Whether you call it an electric lawnmower, hedge trimmer, grass trimmers, or weed eater, battery power is where things are headed. It’s an easy transition from gasoline.

Most models have enough power for most people to use them comfortably. Battery-powered models are convenient because they don’t need to be plugged into an outlet.

Lawn care equipment powered by batteries, such as string trimmers, is becoming increasingly popular because they’re convenient and eco-friendly. But which one is best for you?

To help you decide which cordless electric lawn mower to buy, we’ve compiled our top 7 picks, complete with detailed product reviews, specs for you to compare, and advice from experts who’ve already used these products.

We’ll help you decide if battery power is the best option for your needs and provide tips on choosing the right one.

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How does a string trimmer work?

A string trimmer consists of a long, curved shaft or straight shaft, with a cutting head at the end. Cutting heads are, as their name suggests, the parts that cut down grass and weeds. It spins a single or double line fast enough to create a “blade” effect that slices through growth like a knife.

String trimmers are used to reach the overgrown weeds and grass in tight spaces where a regular lawn mower cannot reach, such as the area near flower beds or other landscaping features.

String trimmers can be used to create clean edges around any type of grass, including your lawn.

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Comparison Table Editor’s Picks 2024

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (2...
CRAFTSMAN V20* String Trimmer / Edger (CMCST910M1)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)
Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (2...
CRAFTSMAN V20* String Trimmer / Edger (CMCST910M1)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)
Powered By
Battery Powered
Battery powered
Battery Powered
Edging Capability
Edges, Wheel-Guided
Without wheels
Without wheels
Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (2...
Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (2...
Powered By
Battery Powered
Edging Capability
Edges, Wheel-Guided
CRAFTSMAN V20* String Trimmer / Edger (CMCST910M1)
CRAFTSMAN V20* String Trimmer / Edger (CMCST910M1)
Powered By
Battery powered
Edging Capability
Without wheels
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)
Powered By
Battery Powered
Edging Capability
Without wheels

The 6 Best Battery Powered Weed Wacker Reviews

1. WORX WG191 56V string trimmer/edger | Best Cordless Tools

WORX WG191 56V 13' Cordless String Trimmer & Wheeled Edger
712 Reviews
WORX WG191 56V 13" Cordless String Trimmer & Wheeled Edger
  • Gas-like performance with zero emissions. Line diameter: 0.080 inch
  • Variable speed control delivers additional runtime and powerful versatility
  • Innovative Command Feed spool system offers on-demand line feeding
  • Professional-grade trimmer line handles the toughest tasks
  • Long-lasting MAX Lithium power with battery indicator

This versatile weed eater has a powerful motor, a commercial-grade 0.08-inch trimmer line, and a cutting head that pivots and extends out to 30 inches. This means it can take down grass and weeds up to three times bigger than the width of the cutting head. And since it’s so compact, you can store it away when not in use.


  • Powerful motor
  • Commercial grade 0.08-inch trimming line
  • Pivoting cutting head
  • 30″ extended reach
  • Zero emissions
  • Push-button trimmer-to-edger


  • No height adjustment

2. BLACK+DECKER LST140C 40V MAX string trimmer/edger | Best battery-powered weedeater reviews

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX* String Trimmer / Edger, 13-Inch (LST140C)
4,033 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX* String Trimmer / Edger, 13-Inch (LST140C)
  • High-performance 40V max Lithium ion Battery with state of charge indicator that shows remaining power
  • Power drive high-torque transmission gives you cutting power at the string for clean, fast cuts. Nominal voltage is 36.
  • Automatic feed Spool - afs which automatically feeds trimmer line as needed with no bumping
  • Converts from trimmer to edger in seconds

It may cost less than some of the other options on this list, but this BLACK+DECKRER model still packs a lot of punch. With a 40V MAX lithium-ion battery, this string trimmer will run for hours without having to reattach the charger. That means you can spend more time enjoying your yard, instead of fiddling with charging cords.

With a longer reach, this string trimmer’s best outdoor power tool comes at a lower price than our next pick. But it doesn’t come with a controller, so you’ll need to buy one separately. Also, it only runs on 20V MAX lithium-ion batteries, so you’ll need multiple chargers to keep it fully charged.


  • 40V max lithium-ion battery
  • Quiet operation
  • Long runtime
  • Reliable motor
  • Automatic feed spool
  • Ultra-powerful torque and cutting action


  • Expensive model

3. BLACK+DECKER LST201 20V MAX string trimmer/edger | Best Electric Models

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)
4,297 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)
  • Part of the 20V MAX System; 1 System - Endless Tasks. Power for your Style
  • Converts from trimmer to edger
  • Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) automatically feeds trimmer line
  • Adjustable height and handle for ideal user comfort
  • 20V MAX Lithium Ion 1.5Ah battery holds it's charge for up to 18 months

BLACK+DECKERS LST201 model is basically a smaller, less powerful, and less expensive version of its LST140C counterpart. At around $80 this is the best value for money cordless string trimmer among our top picks.

With a relatively weak 2.4-amp battery size and small 1.5-inch cutting head, the trimmer certainly isn’t the best choice for larger yards. However, if you just need to mow a small lawn, the MowerMax LST201 will be sufficient for you.

One major benefit of the BLACK+DEKKER LST201 is its lightweight — just 4.5 lbs. It should be easy to carry for long stretches without any discomfort for anyone who has limited upper body strength, including seniors.

This model also comes with the same convenient automatic feeder and edger features as our other pick from Black+Decker.

Most users were satisfied with the LST201 for light-duty work, but they did report some issues that you should know about before you buy.

One is the trimmer’s shaft length, which some people reported was too short for comfort, which meant hunch­ing over while using the trimmer and causing back pain. Another concern is the phone’s battery’s short runtime, which is usually about fifteen minutes or less on one full charge.


  • Adjustable height and handle
  • 2 in 1 Cordless string
  • AFS automatic feed spool
  • Interchangeable batteries


  • Sometimes causing back pain

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4. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V string trimmer/edger | Best Electric Motor Weed Trimmer

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12' Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (2...
24,823 Reviews
Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (2...
  • [TRIMMER & EDGER 2-in-1] Easily converts from a string trimmer to a wheel edger in just seconds
  • [INSTANT LINE FEED] Innovative push button Command Feed spool system for instant line feeding. Plus, Free Spools for Life
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [BATTERIES INCLUDED] 2 powerful and lightweight 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries come with this tool and can be used on any other tool in the WORX PowerShare family
  • [HEAD TILTS 90°] So you can trim and edge on sloped terrain, and get to tough-to-reach places

The WORX WF163 is another lightweight, affordable pick suited for small yards It’s even more of a deal because it comes with not just one but two 20-volts lithium-ion battery types.

With the extra, it lets you charge one battery at a time, so even if you’re running low on power while trimming your lawn, you can just swap out the batteries and keep going. Plus, the batteries work with all WORX PowerShares tools.

Even though its 20 volts of power isn’t anything special, the WG163 makes up for it with impressive versatility:

  • It has a built-in edging guide with rubberized wheels for better traction and guidance, resulting in smoother cuts, including on rough terrain.
  • The trimmer has a pivoting head that rotates 90 degrees, and the handle is telescoping, so it can fit into all the small spaces in your yard.
  • A garden edger guard protects your flower beds from damage while you trim around them using an edger.

Another notable feature of WORX’s WG163 is its “command feed” spool system. Instead of automatically feeding line, this trimmer lets you control the length of the string by pressing a button on the handle


  • Extended runtime
  • Spacer debris Guard
  • Cordless weed eater for heavy weeds
  • Ergonomic design


  • Under $100

5. CRAFTSMAN V20 string | Best Cordless weed trimmer

CRAFTSMAN V20* String Trimmer / Edger (CMCST910M1)
1,955 Reviews
CRAFTSMAN V20* String Trimmer / Edger (CMCST910M1)
  • EXTENDED RUN TIME: 2 Speed Settings lets you choose more power or more runtime
  • TURN TO EDGE: For both edging and trimming
  • ADJUSTABLE: Ergonomic adjustable length pole to fit your height
  • PUSH BUTTON FEED: Allows you to control the 0.080 inch twisted line feed with the push of a button
  • EFFICIENCY: 13 inch cutting swath allows for added efficiency

CRAFTSMAN’s V20 string trimmer is a good middle ground between our more expensive picks and our budget picks. It’s not the most powerful, with an 8-volt battery, but the larger cutting head helps you trim your yard faster and it uses a thicker and more durable string that can handle more dense growth.

Craftsman’s 20V trimmer has variable speed control. It’s one of the best models available. You can easily switch between the high and low settings to get more power or better battery life as needed. The V20 lets you control more than just the speed by featuring a push-button linefeed system similar to the Worx WG163.

V20* Cordless 13 inch WEEDWACKER String Trimmer/Edgers features a high-efficiency motor and are equipped with a 4.1Ah battery, allowing you to tackle any task at hand. The Push Button Feed lets you control the 0.080-inch twisted line feed by pushing a button.

Once the task is completed, conveniently store it using the integrated VERSATTRACK hook with the VERSATTRAK system (sold separately). The V20* Battery Platform is compatible with CRAF­TMAN V20* Outdoor Equip­ment and Power Tools.

You’ll find everything you need to get started working on your own projects.

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  • Extended run time
  • Turn to edge
  • Suitable for densely overgrown grass
  • With cordless starter Kit
  • Extended trimming sessions
  • 3-Year warranty

6. Ryobi RY40250 40V string trimmer

RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable String Trimmer, 4.0...
1,499 Reviews
RYOBI 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Attachment Capable String Trimmer, 4.0...
  • Attachment capable: accepts RYOBI expand-it attachments and other universal gas attachments to save time, money and space
  • 40-Volt lithium-ion high capacity battery and 90-minutes charger included
  • 13 in. to 15 in. adjustable cutting width for longer run time or wider cutting path
  • Reel-easy bump-feed string head for fast and easy reloading
  • Variable speed trigger for cutting control

Ryobi’ s RY40250 40V String Trimmer combines a mid-level battery power level with premium feature set that makes the tool more versatile and easier to use. Most importantly, this trimmer comes with Ryobi’S full line of expandable attachments, which let you save money and storage space by allowing one tool to do the work of many tools.

You can purchase additional attachments for the Ryobi RY40250 to turn it into a hedge trimmer, power pole saw, cultivator, and other lawn care tools, too.

You can also review the comparison between Ryobi and Dewalt.

Even if you use it only for trimming grass, it has merits that make it stand out.

To extend the battery’s run time, the trimmers have variable speed control and an adjust­able trimmer head that ranges between 13 and 15 inches wide. It’s important because being able to adjust the cutting head’s size not only improves battery life but also makes the tool ideal for both open spaces and small spaces.

What makes the RY40250 unique is its bump feed line release system, which is similar to the ones used by most gas string trimmers (although there are some differences).

It has an impressive 40-volt battery, a 15-inch cutting swath, and a heavy-duty 0.08-inch cutting line. However, that capability comes with a big downside: weight.

The RY4050 weighs more than 11 pounds. It’s probably too heavy for the average homeowner to carry for an extended time.

If you want similar power output with a smaller size (and lower price), consider the BLACK+DECKERS LST140C.


  • 40-volt battery
  • Consistent power
  • For larger lawns
  • Eco-mode

What do the specs mean for you While picking the Best Trimmers?

When you’re comparing different battery-powered string cutters, you’ll find a lot (or even a lot) of specifications. Here, we’ll explain what some of these measurements mean and how you can use them to figure out which trimmers are best for your yard

We looked at these factors to determine which battery-powered string trimmer was the best of the year:


Most of the time the first thing you’ll see about a cordless string trimming tool is its battery’s voltage. The voltage tells you the power output of the trimmer. A higher voltage means more power.

If you want to get through thick, tall grass quickly, you need a trimmer with a high voltage motor.

Cutting swath:

The cutting width is the area of grass that a trimmer can cut at once. It’s measured in feet. A wider cutting swath allows you to cover more ground in less tim­e and finish trimming your lawn faster. For tight spots, a smaller cutting width may be necessary.

That’s why string trimmers with adjustable blades, like a few of the best models we’ve reviewed, can be so helpful.

Line diameter:

Line diameter measures the width of the trimmer line that a given string trimmer holds. The thicker the string is, the longer it will last and the denser it will be at cutting through.

Most residential string trimmer blades hold a.065-inch line. This should be enough for your needs. There are three types of strings available: 0.08-inch, 0.095- inch, and 0.10-inch. You can choose any one of them depending on your needs.


Weight is an important number to keep in mind when shopping for string trimmers or similar power tools. If you get a tool that’s too heavy, then you probably won’t be carrying it long enough to use it effectively.

You need to know the limits of your upper-body strength and choose your string trimming tool accordingly. Some trimmers can be attached to shoulder straps to lighten the load on your arms.


Gas-powered tools are usually cheaper than their battery-powered counterparts. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any affordable options. And you’ll notice that all of our top picks cost less than $300.

Higher-end models tend to cost more than lower-end models, so you might expect to pay more for them when shopping around. Keep in mind that some trimmers come without batteries and chargers, so you might need to purchase them separately.

Most of our top choices include a battery and charger. So, you may not have to factor the extra cost into your overall budget if you choose one from this list.

Types of Weedeaters

Electric Weed Eaters / Perfect battery models

Corded weedeaters offer similar cutting power as battery-operated machines but have some limitations due to the fact that they require an electrical connection to the mains electricity.

You lose the ability to weave freely across the landscape as you have a length restriction and can become entangled with objects or features around the lawn. Then there’s the installation, which usually involves running cables through your yard, which can sometimes be prone to electrical risk due to unexpected rain.

They do, however, have their benefits, such as a constant flow of power and they don’t run out. Once you’re set up and ready to start, you won’t be disturbed. Cordless models are usually much lighter and cheaper than their corded counterparts, so if good value, lightweight, and a lightweight tool are important to you then consider a cordless one.

Gas Powered Weed Eaters / Gas Models

We also have gas-powered weedeaters. These tools were once used by professionals as they combine power and flexibility so that you can get rid of even the thinnest of weeds without any cord holding you back.

Cordless Weed Eaters\ Cordless Trimmers

Cordless weedeaters offer great flexibility. The lack of an electric cord means you can reach areas of your yard that you couldn’t reach with a conventional electric stringer, plus you don’t need to worry about tripping or shocking yourself from the electric cord lying on the ground.

Depending on the battery life, you may need to charge them several times before they’re finished or keep several battery packs. They can sometimes lack the ultra-high power you get from gas-powered machines. However, rest assured these products have been selected to get around the normal issues associated with wireless products. These are long-lived and very powerful battery powered weed eaters trusted and used by professionals

20-volt battery  Vs 40- volt battery Trimmer / Battery capacity

Battery strimmer power comes in different voltage ranges, from 18 volts to 80 volts, but two of the more common power outputs are between 20 and 40 volts. This refers to the maximum amount of power the motor is capable of generating which basically dictates how many plants can be eaten and how fast they will grow.

Unsurprisingly, a 40v weed eater will be more powerful and more efficient than a 20v model and will handle a much larger load and get the job finished faster.

However, 40v power tools do have some drawbacks. Compared to a 20V model, they carry a larger battery and cost more. If you’re just looking for ways to get rid of weeds around your yard, a 20V weed eater should be enough to do the job. If you have a larger area to cover, consider buying an electric shaver with 40v or more.

Automatic Trimmer Line Feed Spool

It’s another excellent feature and can save you a lot of time. An automatic feed spool will let you work continuously. You don’t need to adjust the spool manually – the automatic feed system takes care of it for you. It usually works most of the time in practice. Sometimes I still need to manually feed strings into my code editor.

Adjustable Height and Adjustable Handle

The height of the handle of this cordless string trimmer can be customized depending on the length that’s best for you. This means that whether you are short or of average height, you can expect that the straight shaft will be right for your needs. An easy to open and close clasp requires means you need no tools to adjust to the perfect height.

PowerDrive Transmission For This Battery Weed Eater

This is an innovative feature that is found in almost every battery-powered string trimmer from Black & Decker. The manufacturer claims that its new transmission model provides the trimmer head more force than its previous models.

It doesn’t seem powerful enough for my needs. It doesn’t come at the cost of mobility or longevity. With this battery-operated trimmer, you’ll get up to 45 minutes of weed control per battery charge.

It cuts 15 inches of weeds at once, saving you time when weeding.

Make your life easier by avoiding time-consuming maintenance tasks like replacing spark plugs, carburetors, or air filters.

Dewalt is a brand you already know and trust for quality products.

Best High-End Battery Weed Wacker 

This DeWALT cordless battery-powered string trimmer is a performance beast. It’s the right decision if you want the best and don’t care about paying extra for it.

With these performance qualities, it’s as close as there is to replacing a gas-powered model for superior power.

Other Equipment That Works on the Same Battery

  • Mowers
  • Blowers
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Chainsaws
  • Snow Blower
  • Edger
  • Inverters
  • Rubber Broom
  • String Trimmer
  • Edger
  • Cultivator
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Pole Saw
  • Brush
  • Extension


What weed eater has the longest battery life?

RYOBI Cordless Attachment Capable String Trimmer is considered the best one for its longest battery type.

How does a string trimmer work?

String trimmers are lightweight tools that use rapidly spinning microfilament string to cut grass and weeds

How long do battery-powered weed eaters last?

On one charge, the trimmer only runs about 15-20 minutes. That should be enough to trim around a typical backyard, but it may not cut it if you’re working on a large property.

Which is better gas-powered battery or battery weed eater?

Corded electric string trimmers are best for yards up to about 1/4 acre. Battery-powered trimmers are good for a yard up to about a 1/2 acre, and they can tackle much larger yards if you have multiple batteries that you can charge and swap in.

Gas weed eaters work for a yard of any size

How long will a 20V weed eater last?

It seems to last for about an hour on low. With the high setting, operation time is limited to about 30–40 minutes per session. If you can’t complete your mowing job with a single fully-charged 5.0 Ah battery pack, consider buying a gas trimmer instead.

There Are Solid Reasons For Going With A Cordless String Trimmer

There are a lot of reasons as to why you’d choose a cordless battery-powered weed eater. Here are the main benefits of the class:


Cordless weed eaters are light and have no cords. Without the cord, you are free to move about your yard while working with a cordless string trimmer. Lithium-ion batteries provide power to your trimmer head.

Easy to Use:

It’s almost unanimous: The best battery-powered string trimmers are way easier to use and maintain than a gas string trimmer. There’s also no annoying extension cord to worry about as you get with corded electric string trimmers.

To start a battery-powered weed eater, you simply pop in a battery into the string trimmer and push a button. There’s no need to mix gas or kill your shoulder with a pull start when working with cordless battery-powered weed eaters.

You’ll also find battery-powered weed eaters easier to maneuver around backyard obstacles. No more worries about damaging the sprinkler pipe or breaking your trimmer line against the fire pit!


We’ve done a lot of work on measuring just how much more silent battery-powered string trimmers and other tools are versus their gas models cousins. Aside from the trimmer heads whirling at high RPM, there is virtually no noise from these devices. Your neighbors – and your ears – will appreciate the lack of noise pollution your cordless electric string trimmer makes.


A battery-powered weed eater emits no pollutants. The power is provided by a lithium-ion battery pack which you simply plug in the wall to recharge. Using the same battery repeatedly helps make the best battery-powered weed trimmers a very eco-friendly tool. Energy consumption tends to be lower as well because you can easily turn the trimmer off when moving.


A great battery-powered weed eater can cost less upfront than gas string trimmers, and still provide plenty of power to cut thick grass. When you add the savings in fuel and materials, cordless string trimmers are a great choice for most yards.

There are two main reasons why you might go with gas-powered trimmers corded electric string trimmer for your weed whacker needs.

These conditions don’t apply to most people, but if either applies to you try our other guides because a battery-powered weed whacker isn’t the best for you:

Really Thick Weed Growth:

If you have many weeds that are thicker than a grown man’s thumb, you’ll need a thicker trimmer line than most battery-powered string trimmers can handle. A gas trimmer will probably be your best choice. Thick weeds like this is usually only a problem if you live next to open fields of weeds or way out in the country.

An Estate-Sized Yard Area:

If you need to take care of tens of acres of land, it’ll probably be more convenient to just shop for one of the best gas-powered string trimmers. You’re more likely to have large weeds, and with a battery powered string trimmer you’ll have to swap out batteries a few times – and then manage to recharge a spare battery with a cordless string trimmer. While improvements have been great in battery technology, current lithium-ion battery-powered string trimmers don’t have enough battery life to run a battery-powered string trimmer over that size of the property. Skip the battery-powered models.

Choosing the best battery-powered weed eater from the plethora of options available may be a daunting task for some people.

Best battery powered weedeater reviews Selecting the Best

We’ve reviewed some of the best options for you, so you don’t have to spend hours researching them yourself.

  • High-performance 40V max Lithium-ion Battery with state of charge indicator that shows remaining power
  • Power drive high-torque transmission gives you cutting power at the string for clean, fast cuts. The nominal voltage is 36.
  • Automatic feed Spool – afs which automatically feeds trimmer line as needed with no bumping
  • Converts from trimmer to edger in seconds
  • Prices and availability are accurate as of 2022-02-09 at 22:55 CST – D
  • I’ve had this battery-powered string trimmer since 2017 and it’s still running strong today in 2021.
  • It’s the perfect fit for your home if you don’t encounter weeds thicker than 3/4″ wide. If you have weeds that big – the trimmer line diameter that comes on the spool is too small to handle those vegetative beasts. I just use my lawnmower on the big weeds when they pop up so it’s not a huge deal for me.
  • It’s lightweight at just over eight pounds even when compared to another battery-powered string trimmer.


If you want your grass to look its best, don’t go without a string trimmer. Most homeowners choose battery-powered string trimmers because they don’t produce harmful emissions like their gas-powered counterparts but aren’t tethered to an extension cable, either.

If you’re looking for a cordless trimmer, we recommend these models that fall within the average household’s budget with their extra power.

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