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Kobalt 35 Tool Chest with Pioneer Stereo System Review


Kobalt toolboxes are sturdy enough to withstand a train crash. The styrofoam box was designed to protect your tools from damage in case you get hit by a train.

Our friends at Lowe’s were very helpful when installing the tool chest on our truck. We drove over the railroad tracks without any problems. The styrofoam box was very durable, but we didn’t want to risk being hit by a train.

The styrofoam box was very strong and did not break when struck by a train. The tool chest is packaged well and held together even after being hit by a train.

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Build Quality of Kobalt 35 Tool Chest with Pioneer Stereo

  • This tool chest has large casters that make it easy to move.
  • It locks in place when moved.
  • This is an ideal household tool kit for home use.
  • This tool chest has a stereo system built-in.
  • It comes with two outlets.
  • LED lights are designed as a part too for illumination purposes at dark times.
  • Kobalt Blue is a beautiful finish that comes with many stickers.
  • This tool chest is sturdy enough to hold heavy tools.
  • Kobalt’s toolboxes are made out of plastic.
  • Kobalt includes custom drawer liners that fit perfectly inside toolboxes.

Getting back to the workshop, we quickly tore open this toolbox and removed the packing. There is some assembly involved – namely, the enormous 5-inch casters that have to bolt onto the bottom of the six-drawer liners tool chest. I love these cases. They are oversized, making it easy to move the unit around as needed – even when it’s full with tools.

Additionally, the 2 front casters lock both the ability to roll, and the ability to rotate. This makes it possible to park and forget the tool chest without the worry of it drifting about on you. Once we’d installed the casters, we turned the tool chest upright and rolled it into position atop the base. We then locked them together by turning the locking knob.

Kobalt Steel Tool Chest with a Pioneer Stereo System. This tool chest has two outlets on each side of the cabinet. You can plug your power tools or other devices into these outlets. The entire cabinet is made of steel and is extremely durable. It has four outlets on each side of it. Since this tool drawer chest is designed for power tools, it has an integrated power supply. It can be plugged into the wall outlets behind the cabinet.

The drawer’s liners slide smoothly and easily. They’re sturdy enough to hold a lot of stuff. The handles are recessed so you won’t accidentally knock something out of the drawers. The blue paint looks great and doesn’t show fingerprints or smudges. The stickers on the sides of the drawers are removable, though they do leave behind some residue. Plastic non-stick labels would definitely be a much better choice than paper or metal ones.

These are all over our toolboxes and chests, and they prevent them from getting damaged and leaking. We also love that Kobalt continues including, and pre-installing, their customized drawer liners that perfectly match our toolboxes and chests, protect them against damage and leaks and give our tools a nice grippy material on which to lay.

They also include a plastic cover, but as we aren’t working in a communal shop (we work alone), this is more for the car guys who really tend to treat their toolboxes like it was their vehicle, so they really need to make sure everything is protected.

The Kobalt tool box uses a connection to a wall outlet to power a full-functioning refrigerator, Pioneer sound system (with an iPod dock), LED lighting, and power strip, so it’s one of the most versatile tools boxes we’ve ever seen.

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The Pioneer Stereo System | The Kobalt Tool Box

  • This tool chest has a great sound system.
  • It has an iPod dock and remote.
  • You can close the lid and use the remote to control the music. You can connect your phone to the stereo system and listen to music while driving. It’s a great tool chest with a lot of storage space.
  • You can listen to music while you work.
  • This tool chest is made of Kobalt steel.
  • It had a stereo system, and we liked how easy it was to use.

A Kobalt Steel Tool Chest comes with a stereo system that has two speakers inside the lid. It also has an iPod dock and remote that lets you control the stereo. You can close the lid to listen to music without disturbing others.

Kobalt Steel Tool Chest was great for storing tools. It had a nice stereo system that played music well. We liked being able to dock our iPhones to the system and listen to our playlists. It worked well with our iPods and other devices. We didn’t enjoy having to turn it up too loud because it distorted.

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Manufacturer: Kobalt Tool Cabinets

  • Kobalt Tools are now offering 24V Max batteries.
  • These batteries are great because they don’t require you to buy multiple batteries. Kobalt jumped right into 18V Li-ion power drills and made them more competitive than other manufacturers. Kobalt Tools are tougher than your mother-in-law.
  • The new tools are made out of metal and are very durable. Kobalt’s new mechanic’s toolset includes sockets, wrenches, and other items.
  • Hendrick Motorsports helped design the toolset. Rick Hendrick uses the Hendrick Motorsports campus to create new motorsport equipment.
  • Hendrick Motorsports is the largest motorsports company in the world. Lowe’s introduced a new tool chest with a built-in Pioneer stereo system.
  • This tool chest comes equipped with a Pioneer stereo system. If you’re looking for a tap and die set, you should consider the Kobalt 46 Piece Tap & Die Set.
  • It’s designed to help you fix stripped bolts and nuts.
  • Kobalt has a new line of brushless power tools that are amazing.
  • Lowe’s sells high-quality Kobalt batteries at a discount price. Kobalt’s press event showed off their new 18V lithium-ion battery-powered tools.
  • They made their first cordless power tool without any problems. Kobalt tools are tougher than other brands’ products.
  • They also come in different colors and designs. Kobalt is a brand name used to identify a company’s products.
  • This toolset has many different types of sockets and wrenches. Rick Hendrick uses the Hendrick Motorsports campus as a backdrop for his company’s launches.
  • Hendrick Motorsports builds over 500 race engines each year. Lowe’s has released a new tool chest with a built-in stereo system.
  • It’s smaller than the previous model in its current stock. This tool is designed for stripping nuts and bolts.
  • It’s made out of aluminum and stainless steel.

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Kobalt Powered Stainless Steel Tool Chest

The Kobalt tool chest uses a connection to a standard wall outlet to power a fully functional refrigerator, Pioneer sound system, LED lights, and power strip, making it one of the most versatile tool chests we’ve ever seen.

Kobalt Tools must have written a script for a Home Improvement TV show when designing the flagship of its smartly designed tool line, Kobalt’s 53-inch stainless steel tool chest.


How do you remove a drawer from a Kobalt tool box?

  • Push the black release lever DOWN on the RIGHT-hand side.
  • Pull the black release lever UP on the LEFT-hand side.
  • While holding the levers as instructed, pull the drawer forward until released from the slides attached to the Tool Chest.

How do you remove a drawer from the center bottom slide?

  1. Pull the drawer all the way out.
  2. Lift the drawer slightly at an angle so that the drawer stop is clear of the top of the dresser.
  3. Release the drawer slides by pushing the button/lever on the slides. …
  4. Gently pull out the drawer, still at an angle.

How do you fix a swollen drawer?

Plug the extension cord into an electrical outlet in order to turn on the lightbulb within the drawer. Let it sit there for about 15 minutes before washing off. The heat it generates will help relieve the swelling that made the drawer stick.


This Kobalt steel tool chest comes with a stereo system.

  • It’s a huge win in our book because it combines a tool chest with a stereo system.
  • It’s a huge win in our book because it has a tool chest AND a stereo system.
  • This is great value for the money.
  • This tool chest has a huge amount of space for tools.
  • It’s very durable and comes with a warranty.

A huge win in our book! It features the winning combination: tool chest and stereo. It’s built fairly well for its price. It’s a really attractive buy. Plus, we’ve got a fridge in that shop. We give it an 8/ 10 for performance and an easy 9/10 value.

Considering you can get an equally sized stainless steel tool chest for less than 800 dollars, this is a really attractive purchase. You can buy either the top OR the bottom separately for 395 dollars. This product is also pretty new, so we couldn’t even find the product online.

However, you can find it at your local Lowe’s store. It’s a great tool chest and one that will make your shed or workshop a better space for having it.

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