The Best Makita xml08 mower review in 2022

If you want something more powerful, but still easy to use, then look at the next model up, the XR08E.

Makita XR08E SelfPropelled Lawn Mower Review.


  • Powerful engine and cutting capacity
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Consistent cut quality


  • Not as quiet as other models
  • Noisy when operating in high grass conditions

Commercial Design

After we took the lawnmower out of the box, we gave it a quick shake and a wiggle to get it working properly.

Many residential lawn mowers have a lot going on inside their frames. On the other hand, the Makita XML 08 is solid, which means it moves to the level of rigidity we expect of a mower designed for professionals.

The deck is made from commercial-grade steel, which covers the mower’s 21 inch blade. Makita doesn’t talk about the size of the deck and drop a smaller blade into it. When they say it’s a 21-inch mowing deck, they really mean it cuts 21 inches at a go.

A feature that’s different than most professional lawnmowers is that Makita uses single-point height adjustments instead of multi-point ones. With 10 positions between 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch, you just need to adjust one adjustment lever.

Separate adjustments can increase the rigor and strength of heavier mowing machines. Makita’s adjustment seems to be more convenient and we haven’t seen any ill effects on the strength of the frame yet.

A major difference between Makita and most other battery-powered mower companies is the lack of a foldable handle for vertical storage. However, pros usually roll their walk-behind lawnmowers on the trailer and don’t take extra time to fold the handles.

The downside to not using is it makes the bike stiffer, which helps keep the entire frame stiff.

Additional Features

Hard plastic wheels are usually an afterthought with acceptable rolling resistance. It’s got a pretty good set of features, but not quite as nice as the ones from the Makita They have a softer, more flexible rubber tire that absorbs shocks better than the hard plastic ones. However, they have a better grip on slopes because they’re more flexible.

They also use a dual-position clutch that lets you choose between low or high speed. The low setting is perfect for cutting grass while the high setting is for mulching.

Since this is a commercial design, there are some additional features like a toolbox, bagged blades, and a carrying case.


• Easy to assemble

• Strong frame

• Good quality parts


• No folding handle

• Not as easy to transport

Technical Specs | Makita Lawn Mowers

  • Drive Type: Self-Propelled
  • Cutting Width :21 in
  • Discharge Mulch: Rear or Bag
  • Cutting Height: 1 1/4 into 4 in
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Run Time: 60 min
  • Battery Voltage: 18 V
  • Battery Amperage: 5.0 Ah
  • Included Charger: Yes
  • Charger Replacement: DC18RD
  • Battery Included / Bare Tool Battery Included

What are the main features of the Makita DLMPT Cordless Lawn Mower?

  • It runs on two 18V batteries, and it has a twin charger.
  • It has a fast-charging time of 45 minutes.
  • It can mow an entire lawn the size of 800 square meters.
  • The lawnmower has 10 different heights for cutting, ranging from 20-60mm, and a large 60L fabric grass collector bag. There’s no full indicator, which would be useful. However, if you want to collect clippings from the bag or insert the plug into the ground to distribute them on the grass, you can do so either way.
  • The DLM460 PT2 has a steel deck. It displays its battery power level on the handle. And it has a quiet mode option for reducing noise.

What is the Makita DLM460PT2 Cordless Lawn Mower like to use?

The assembly instructions are easy to follow, but given all the others in this price range were assembled by the dealers we found the fiddliest handle installation awkward for the cost. Once assembled, this is a great feature-packed lawnmower.

The handle height is easily adjusted to suit your height and to change the 10 heights of cut, just turn the dial on the rear wheel.

The large collection bag helps you save time and energy by saving you from having to empty clippings. And the quiet mode is useful for when you’re working at night. With a steel deck this mower feels robust, and built to last, however, most testers found this mower’s weight when mowing uphill to be too heavy.

Makita XML SelfPropelled Lawn Mower Specifications

  • Model: Makita XML08
  • No-Load Speed: 2,800 RPM
  • Deck Width: 22 in.
  • Cutting Width: 21 in.
  • Cutting Height Range: 1-1/4 in. – 4 in.
  • Bag Capacity: 2 bushels
  • Net Weight: 94 lbs. (with batteries)
  • Dimensions: 67-1/2 x 23-1/4 x 43 in.
  • Warranty: 3 years

What are the reasons to buy? 

  • Experts praised the Makita XML03 PT1 for its incredible cutting power due to its powerful brushless motors.
  • The lawnmower is equipped with a “quiet” mode that significantly reduces noise, making it ideal for cutting early in the morning or later at night without disturbing neighbors.
  • Various users were pleased by the mower’s long runtime.
  • They’re easy to charge. It only takes an hour’s worth of charging to fully charge batteries.
  • Many consumers complimented the mower’s maneuverability and ease of operation on hills because of its lightweight design.
  • It’s pretty easy to put together out of the box.
  • Many people like that their lawn mowers vacuum up leaves and grass clippings easily.
  • Some people liked that the Makita XM03PT1 auto senses the cutting load and automatically adjusts the power for easier cutting.
  • Many users found that the mower was very easy to maintain.

What are the main reasons not to buy?

Some people noted that the mower’s maximum cutting height of 3 feet is too short.

One customer mentioned that the mower was difficult to pull backwards because of the resistance of the rubber mud flap.

Important Tips for Makita XMLPT

  • To keep the mower’s deck protected from corrosion and to prevent debris buildup, use a fluid film coating on metal surfaces.
  • Keep your mower clean by cleaning it after every use.


Makita’s high price tag has been a topic of conversation. For the mower on its on itself and for the kit with 4 batteries, it’s definitely not cheap.

Keep in mind the Pro focus. Self-propelled gas mowing machines easily cost over $1,000. Staying with battery competitors, StiHL’s self-propelled mower with a similar battery load out isn’t as expensive as the residential models, but they’re not packing the higher quality components that Makita chose for its professional lawn care crew mowers.

Makita releases new products

The equipment is part the company’s XGT line, LXT line, and ConnectX line.

Makita is announcing over fifteen new cordless tool and powered equipment releases, as well new high-capacity batteries.

  • The 15+ new releases include a new battery‐powered 14‐inch power cutter.
  • The latest addition to the 40V | 80V XGT System.
  • New releases also include new features for the 18V LXT system which now includes 275+ tools and is the world’s biggest cordless tool system powered with 18V batteries.
  • Makita is also offering a new ConnectX backpack for charging devices. It has the most powerful battery ever made by Makita, as it works with compatible products such as a new 21″ lawnmower.

XGT offers over fifty products powered by forty volts (40V) max batteries, with select eighty volts (80V) products powered by two forty volts (40V).

New XGT releases include the following:

It’s a battery‐powered solution for cutting wood, and an alternative to gas-powered 14‐inch models. There are lower noise levels, less maintenance, zero-emission, and no pull cord hassles.


NEW 40V max XGT 8.0Ah Battery,:

BL4080F: This highest capacity XGT battery supports the commitment to creating cordless solutions for equipment traditionally powered by cords or gas. It is ideal for battery‐powered products like new XGT 14″ Power Cutter.

COMING SOON IN 2022 NEW 40V max XGT 6‐1/2:

A plunge circular saw is a more portable alternative to table saws for precise cutting and breaking down sheets. It also has built-in GPS technology.

The XGT Plunging Circular Saw is equipped for variable speed control (2 500 – 4 900 RPM), with a large capacity (2-3/16” at 90°; and 3/8” at 45°) and a bevel capability (-1° to 48°).

NEW 40V max xgt high psi dust blower gsa01 This compact cleaning solution blasts air at high pressure for effective clean‐ups. It’s small enough to fit into a variety of different situations, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Makita LXT offers the largest range of cordless tools powered by 18V lithium ion slide‐style batteries. It includes a growing range of tools and power equipment powered with two 18V lithium ion batteries. It has over 275 products and one battery system. It is the world’s largest professional cordless tool set powered by 18V lithium-ion batteries.

New LXT releases will include the following:

NEW 18V Lxt cooler/warmer box, DCW180Z – What can a battery do? Can it keep a 12‐pack cold? If it’s an 18V LXT battery, it can be used with the new 18V Lxt cooler/warmer box. The DCW180 has a 20-liter tank with five temperature settings ranging from -0.4°F (freeze) to 50°F (warm). It also has a built-in heater with two warmer modes to keep its contents warm. It’s ideal for people who need to keep their drinks cool or hot when they’re out and about.

Available in January 2022, the new 18V LXT ¾” Sheet Sander is designed for professional use. It has two speed options with one touch electronic speed control and uses four 1/2” x 4” abrasive papers. It can be connected to vacuum cleaners or used with a dust collection bags. AVAILABLE IN SPRING 2022.

The new LXT 1 / 3” Sheet Sander offers cordless performance with corded convenience, and with additional capabilities over the XOB02. It has three-speed settings with one‐touch electronic speed control and uses 3‐ 5/8″ X 9″ abrasive paper. For dust extraction it is connectable to vacuums, can be used with a dust collection bag, and is AWS compatible for wireless power‐on/power‐off with an AWS‐equipped dust extractor (sold separately). AVAILABLE IN SPRING 2022.

NEW 18V LXT 4-speed Impact Driver, XDT 19 Makita goes deep in the impact driver category, and new XDT19 takes top performance specs of best-in-class XDT16 and put them into a new tapered design that’s more compact.

It combines high power (3,600 maximum RPM) and torque (1,590 inch-pounds) of Max Torque with a range of precision settings including four-speed control, assists mode, two tightening modes (T‐mode), reverse rotation auto‐stop, and a variety of other features to help ensure proper installation. AVAILABLE IN SPRING 2022.

ConnectX is a runtime and power solution for professionals looking to replace their gas systems. Makita has announced a new backpack power supply featuring the most powerful battery ever offered, as well a compatible 21” mower. The backpack power supply powers the entire ConnectX system.

The Bottom Line

The Makita XML 08 self-propelled lawnmower has the power and build quality to step in where gasoline mowers are unwanted or unwanted for professional crews.

Apart from maybe making the battery switch itself, there’s not much else to complain about.

It’s a night-and-day difference between this and Makitas’s earlier residential-focused models. So if you’re looking for a primary option, consider Makita.

Makita Lawn Mowers

Makita XML08Z 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless 21″ Self-Propelled Commercial Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40V 19″ Brushless (2-In-1) Lawn Mower, 4Ah USB (Power Bank) Battery and Charger Included MO40L414

POWERWORKS 60V 17″ Brushless Lawn Mower


What are the main features of the Makita DLMPT Cordless Lawn Mower?

  • Powered by two 18V battery voltage.
  • this mower comes with a twin charger and has a fast charge time of 45 minutes.
  • On a single charge it can mow a lawn the size of 800m².
  • The mower has 10 different heights of cut, ranging from 20-75mm and a large, 60L fabric grass collector.

Is the Makita DLM460PT2 Cordless Lawn Mower good value for money?

This is the cheapest mower in our premium mower test and is packed with lots of features. We think it’s a good value for money. Plus, we offer a one-year warranty and an additional two years on top of that if you register your lawnmower within 30 days.

How long does a Makita lawn mower last?

Makita claims up to 30 minutes on 2 5ah batteries.

How many batteries does the Makita lawn mower take?

Each lawn mower is powered by two 18V LXT Batteries with the added option to insert two additional batteries for extended run time.

What is a brushless lawn mower?

A brushless lawnmower is a type of electrical mower without brushes and are comparatively lighter than the brushed mowers but has the same power output. Brushes in conventional gas lawn mowers get worn out over time and may spark.

What battery does Makita lawn mower use?

18V lithium-ion batteries

How do you start a Makita lawn mower?

  1. Step 1: Make absolutely sure that the battery is fully charged and properly inserted into your lawnmower. If the battery isn’t properly locked in, then it won’t work.
  2. Step 2: Check the safety key.
  3. Step 3: Turn the mower on by flipping the electric switch near the handle.

Can I use my own garden hose to charge my Makita lawn mower battery?

Do not use a hose or pressure washer when cleaning an electric mower. Water can get into the motor and cause corrosion. Use lubricant like WD-40 to keep the wheels from squeaking. Wheels are usually made of plastic, but axles are usually metal and brackets inside the wheel are also metal.

How big is the Makita battery pack?

Makita 18V cordless tools are powered two 18V batteries, and they’re engineered to deliver corded-power and run time for select high-demand tools like saw blades, blowers, and trimmers – but without leaving the 18v battery platform or investing in heavy, high-voltage ones.

Do Makita lawn mowers come with a charger?

Batteries and chargers are not included.

Which Makita lawn mower should I get?

John Deere was found to be the most trusted brand among consumers considering the purchase of a new lawn mower.

What are brushless cordless lawn mower?

A brushless cordless lawn mower is nothing more than a battery-powered mower that automatically adjusts its power output to match the power needed for the job. Since there is no heating element, these brushless lawnmowers generate relatively less heat while delivering outstanding performances through the application of magnets.

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