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Which one is the best tool for you? Milwaukee vs Dewalt

Milwaukee vs Dewalt. Which tool is better?

Let’s start with brief histories and introductions.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation History

  • Milwaukee Tool makes many different types of power tools.
  • They make hand tools too. The tool is known for quality products.
  • In Milwaukee 1950, Milwaukee introduced the first lightweight drill.
  • It’s a power tool brand that makes everything from drills to saws to vacuums.
  • Milwaukee Tool has a long history of producing high-quality products.
  • Milwaukee Tool is known for its quality products.


Milwaukee Power Tools is a foreign-owned business that’s headquartered in the United States. It’s owned by Techtronic Industries, which is a Hong Kong-based company. Milwaukee has three different manufacturing plants.

They’re located in Greenwood, Missouri (400,000 sq ft), Jackson, Missouri (250,000 sq ft) and Mukwonago, Wisconsin (150,000 sq ft). In the past 5 years, Milwaukee has invested over 47 million dollars into their US-based operation, which employs 671 people.

DeWalt Company History

  • DeWalt is a large tool manufacturer based out of Jackson, TN.
  • It’s owned by Black & Decker.DeWalt expanded into making hand tools in 2011.
  • They made a new line of batteries in 2016.DeWalt is a leading manufacturer of power tools.
  • DeWalt tools are used in many different fields.
  • DeWalt expanded into other products including power tools.
  • They made a new type of battery pack.
  • It sells products such as drills, grinders, circular saws, jigsaws, and other related equipment.
  • DeWalt released a new product line called the DeWalt Construction Line.
  • It includes products such as drills, saws, hammers, etc.


DeWalt manufactures various tools around the world. They manufacture them in several countries, including the United States, Canada, England, China, Mexico, and Brazil, among other places. DeWalt also has manufacturing plants in these locations.

DeWalt makes some of their most popular tools there, such as the DCD780C20V Max Lithium-Ion compact drill driver kit.DeWalt maintains factories in many different countries so that they can provide tools for many industries located in those areas.

Review the Dewalt air compressor’s guide.

Milwaukee Tool Manufacturing

Milwaukee Tool is a global manufacturer.

They manufacture tools in America, but also in other countries.

DeWalt Manufacturing

  • DeWalt is bringing back manufacturing jobs to the US from overseas.
  • They are building factories in several states.DeWalt is based out of the USA, and most of its products are made here.
  • Overseas manufacturing occurs mostly in other countries.
  • DeWalt Power Tools are manufactured at over 20 different locations worldwide.

Quick Overview Between the Both brands | Milwaukee vs Dewalt

Who makes the best-branded tools?

Milwaukee offers better warranties for tools than DeWalt, however, DeWalt offers cheaper tool prices. Both offer plenty of products, but DeWalt’s lineup is broader.

DeWa­lt’s tools are lighter, but Milwauke­e’s are heaver. Milwaukee started out as a car manufac­turer but soon became known for its drill­ing tools. It was founded by Ford Motor Company who hired A.H Petersen to make them.## Inputs After a fire, a company went bankrupt and was acquired by another company.

That company changed its corporate name to Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. Milwaukee makes various kinds of power tools. It also helps develop new technologies. Milwaukee makes some of America’s most powerful power tools. They offer more than 500 different tools, and they sell 3,500 different accessories for them. The company sells about five billion dollars worth of power tools each and every year.

Milwaukee Products

Milwaukee products are meant for professionals.

So let’s take a look at some of the essential tools that you should buy.

Impact Drivers

Milwaukee has many top-quality impact drivers, but my personal favorite is Milwaukee’s 2854-20 Impact Driver. It has four-speed modes. It also boasts brushless motors, which deliver up to 30% faster speeds than conventional motors, increasing productivity.

This impact driver by MKE has significant advantages in both power and torque over most impact drills in the market today.

Hammer Drill Milwaukee‘s 2804-20 M18 Fuel Hammer Drill

My personal opinion is that one of the best hammers in the market today. This tool is powerful, and its maximum torque is 1,200 in-lb., which is higher than the majority of DeWalt hammer drills (1,000 in-lb.).

This Milwaukee hammer drill has been designed for high-speed drilling applications. It can power through hard materials at high speeds without slowing down.

Circular Saws

Milwaukee circular saws have been highly regarded in the market for years. The Milwaukee’s M 18 2630 20 Circular Saw is one of the best Milwaukee circular saws in the market today. It has been designed by experts who know exactly what they’re doing.

These saws are equipped with electric brakes that stop the blade when you’re finished cutting. They’re also made from a rubber compound, which makes them very durable and easy to use for long periods.

Review Milwaukee safety tools.

Reciprocating Saws

The Milwaukee 2621-20M18 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Sawzall is a step ahead of other brands. It’s known for its high build quality, which makes it ideal for construction and demolition sites It has a stroke length of 1 inch and 3,000 RPMs.

Why You Should Buy Milwaukee Products

Here are some of the reasons why I think you should buy Milwaukee products.

Better Warranty Options

Milwaukee offers different warranty options. Each product has its’ own warranty, ranging from one year to a lifetime. With this brand, there is an extended warranty compared to DeWalt, which has a limited three-year warranty. This feature gives the business a competitive advantage.

Battery Technology

Milwaukee products use a battery technology called Redlithium Battery Tech­nology. It has a longer battery life than other tools so it’s more durable.

Durable Products

Milwaukee has been well-known for its solid and durable goods. They are the best tools in the market for construction workers and woodworkers because they are the first choice. They also have a wider range of products, including tools for professional contractors and hobbyists.


Dewalt is an American-owned company specializing in power tools. It operates under the umbrella of Stanley, Black & Decker, which also owns other brands including Lenox, Irwin Tools (Craftsman), Porter Cable, Proto, among others

Founded in Leola, Pennsylvania in 1924, the company is known for inventing the radial arm saw. It has since grown into a global leader in power tools. As soon as the company was up, DeWalt immediately released the Wonder Worker, a tool that you could configure in nine different ways.

After acquiring the company in 1949, American Machine Foundry expanded its operations to Canada.## Output Years later, it became part of its current parent company, The Black & Decker Corporation. After this acquisition, the brand expanded its operation in North America.

Dewalt ventured into a new industry where they launched their first portable electric power tool in 1992. They would later revolutionise the power tool industry in 1995 with 30 new cordless drills and drivers that included a 14.5V battery system. By 2001, the business had grown significantly with more than 200 power equipment products over 800 accessories in the marketplace.

Dewalt has been at the front line in integrating technology into its power tools. As of 2015, Tesla launched the online feature ToolConnect and the FlexVolt Multiple Voltage Technology a year later.

Under the Stanley Black & Decker Group (SBD), the company has manufacturing facilities both in the U.S. and overseas. With its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and its U.S.-based manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Maryland, and Kentucky, the company has operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and India.

Out­side of the United States, however, overseas manufacturing still dominates most DeWalt power tools These operations run in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland,

DeWalt is a large company with operations and employees spread across several continents. They have more than 10, 000 employees across all their facilities

DeWalt Products

DeWalt is well known for its innovative products and technologies.

Here are some tools that you should buy from this brand.

Impact Drivers

Dewalt has a large range of impact drivers, including the DeWalt DCF877B 20V MAX XRP, which is an excellent choice for drills. It has an inbuilt brushless motor and delivers more run time than other cordless power tools. It also comes with a maximum speed limit of 2800 rpm, which is higher than Milwaukee’s.

Plastic is lighter and stronger than wood, so it makes sense that it would be used for building. It makes it easier to use when working on long-term projects.

It has three speed settings that let you customize them for easier handling. The ergonomic features of the bike include three LED lights, a belt loop, and a slim handlebar.

Hammer Drill DeWalt DCD985B 20V

My favorite Dewalt hammer drill is the 18V Max. It comes with patented technology and innovative tools that make it ideal for both commercial and residential builders and any type of woodworker.

It has a patented three-stage gear system for better performance. The first stage is 0-600 RPM; the second is 0-1,250 rpm; and the third is 0-2, This feature allows users who need high performance to choose the best speed for their needs. The high-power motors deliver up to 535 unit watts of maximum output for enhanced performance in drilling operations.

Circular Saw

Dewalt’s line of circular power tools can cut through different types materials. My favorite power tool for most woodworking projects is the Dewalt DCS393 Bare Tool 20V MAX. It has a 6-1/4 inch blade that can handle most projects. Furthermore, this saw has a blade speed of 3700 RPM, which enables it to cut faster and offer a higher bevel angle than the previous version.

The saw also comes equipped with the FlexVolt Advantage which enables the saws’ blades to cut faster. The saws also have a dust collection port to help keep the saw clean. They also have brakes to control the movement of each blade.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating Saw: A tool used in construction and demolition jobs. The DeWalt DSC380B 20V is the best reciprocating saw from DeWalt, and it comes with an innovative 4-position blade clamp which allows for flush cutting and tool-free blade changes too.

It has a variable speed trigger that allows you to adjust the speed of the blade from 0-3000 RPM for improved control and faster cutting speeds.

DeWalt products are high-quality tools at an affordable price.

Dewalt’s line of products is well known for its high quality. Here are some reasons for choosing this brand.

Proprietary Technology

Dewalt has been using stellar technologies such as Flexvolt and ToolConnect. They include an automatic voltage-changing technology; therefore, woodworkers can use them in three tools: the 20V Max, the 60V Max, and the 120V Max. They also have a long runtime.

On the other hand…Tool Connect is app-based! These features allow users to connect your tools directly to their phones and easily run diagnostic tests and battery life tracking.

Quality Products

Dewalt manufactures high-quality tools for the power tool market. Quality control across different regions is partly responsible for its high quality. Most of these tools are produced in the United States, but some are made in other countries where quality is pretty good.


When using Dewalt drills, you will see that they have a lighter weight than other brands. It makes a difference for users because it helps them get better at a task they need to perform repeatedly.

It has a durable rubberized surface that provides a good grip when used for long periods of time. This feature is great if you’re new to using most of these power tools and want to learn how to use them.

My Recommendations

Both companies are well known for their quality products and services. Milwaukee is cheaper than DeWalt because it sells more affordable items. However, DeWalt is better for heavy-duty use.

Milwaukee is known for high-quality products at low prices.

DeWalt is known for high-quality tools at lower prices.

Milwaukee vs Dewalt

What to Consider When Choosing Between Milwaukee and DeWalt Products

Each user has his or her own preferences when it comes to the type of power tools he or she needs. Before you buy any of these products, we need to look at the critical things you should consider.


Both brands come with their own unique innovations and technologies that help power the tools. For example, De Wilt has FlexVolt which can switch between 20V max and 60V max based on the tool you’re using. It also has ToolConnect, which allows users to connect with their smartphones to monitor battery capacity.


Dewalt products have a limited 3 year warranty for all the tools they sell. With Milwaukee, the warranty can last for up to five years or more.

Ergonomic Design

Most of the power equipment is portable and handheld. Therefore, it’s important to have a tool that allows you to use it for extended periods without experiencing fatigue. For these power tools from DeWalt, the materials used for their construction are lighter than those of competitors.


Which is better: Milwaukee or DeWalt?

Milwaukee focuses more on quality than speed while DeWalt focuses more on speed than quality. Both have been around for a long time and they offer some of the best tools available. You’ll find all their products when you’re looking for power tools at the largest tool stores around.

DeWalt vs Milwaukee Warranty & Service

Most Milwaukee tools come with a five-year warranty, but some don’t. Dewalt Mechanics Tools have a one-year limited warranty. All the Milwaukee tools come with a limited lifetime warranty. Milwaukee battery warranties vary from one to three years depending on the size of the pack

The company can now rely on its original date of production instead of receiving a receipt to determine whether repairs and maintenance are needed. Buying tools from local dealers usually results in faster and more rapid repair and service using local vendors.

Which drill has more power and a longer battery?

Milwaukee 18V and Dewalt 20V drills have the same electrical output. The drills can be powered by rechargeable lithium-ion cells but the Milwaukee has a battery pack of 18V (18 V). Milwaukee’s battery has a charging screen that shows you how much energy is left so you can plan accordingly. Milwaukee drills also come with different features like a fuel gauge and heat shield.

The Dewalt drill comes with two batteries, whereas the Milwaukee drill only comes equipped with one of them: the compact M18 Red Lithium Battery is small and light in size. It also charges faster and is cooler when used than the battery packs of DeWALT and Bosch. It makes it easy to use and comfortable to work with.

Which has more torque? Dewalt vs Milwaukee

The Dewalt cordless drill is made by Dewalt, which can be proven as a leader in this industry. It has a high torque of 380 lbs and noise-reduction features. The tool offers you improved functions which make it ideal for heavy-duty applications such as metal, wood, and bricklaying. This product was made in the USA to guarantee quality.

The Milwaukee cordless drills are one of the best brands of power tools. They are designed to provide high performance as standard and they have a lower impact rate compared to other drills. It has an impressive torque of 650 In-lbs and brushless technology which makes it durable when compared to other tools in the market or online store.

Both Multi-tools is similar but I’d rather use DeWalt because it seems like it has more power even though they have the exact same voltage (18V – 20V). The DeWalt Drill also has a longer battery life, is easier to carry and use than the Makita Drill with a compact design.


Why are Milwaukee tools more expensive than DeWalt?

The pricing of tools, including those from Milwaukee and DeWalt, can be influenced by various factors, and it’s important to note that pricing may vary based on location, promotions, and specific product models. However, some general factors may contribute to the perception that Milwaukee tools are more expensive than DeWalt tools:

  1. Brand Positioning: Milwaukee and DeWalt are both reputable brands, but they may position themselves differently in the market. Milwaukee, often associated with high-performance and durability, may position itself as a premium brand, which can be reflected in pricing.
  2. Build Quality and Features: Milwaukee tools are known for their high build quality, durability, and advanced features. If Milwaukee tools have more advanced technologies, better materials, or additional features compared to DeWalt tools in a specific category, it could contribute to a higher price point.
  3. Target Audience: Brands may target different customer segments. Milwaukee may cater to professionals and industries with a focus on heavy-duty applications, while DeWalt may have a broader appeal, including both professionals and DIYers. Tools designed for professional use may come with a higher price tag due to their robust construction and performance capabilities.
  4. Research and Development: Investment in research and development to create innovative technologies and designs can impact pricing. If one brand invests significantly in developing cutting-edge features or materials, the cost of that investment may be reflected in the price of their products.
  5. Product Range: The diversity and complexity of a brand’s product range can influence pricing. Milwaukee and DeWalt offer a wide array of tools, and certain specialized tools or product lines may have higher manufacturing costs, leading to higher prices.
  6. Warranty and Support: The warranty offered by a brand and the level of customer support can also contribute to the overall cost. Brands that provide longer warranties or exceptional customer service may factor these costs into their pricing.

While Milwaukee tools are often perceived as higher-end and may be priced accordingly, DeWalt tools also have a strong reputation for quality and durability. It’s important for consumers to evaluate their specific needs, compare features, read reviews, and consider the overall value when choosing between Milwaukee and DeWalt tools, as well as to consider the current market conditions and pricing.

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