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Oil-Free Air Compressor vs Oil | Buyer’s Guide

Are you a contractor or a mechanic or at any point in your life where you are dealing with an air compressor, you must have an argument in your mind whether oil-free air compressor or lubricated air compressor?

While buying an air compressor, you will be given two main options i.e. oil-lubricated air compressor or oil-free air compressor.

Sometimes it appears very difficult to make a decision between oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressors.

To make the selection of an air compressor easier, we have constructed a major line of differences between lubricated and oil-free air compressors.

Things you should know about Oil-Free Air Compressor 2024

  • As the name shows that this type of air compressor does not require any lubrication for its maintenance at regular intervals. But it does not mean that it is operating without lubrication.
  • It is a sort of pre-oiled air compressor. As the workload on such types of air compressors is minimum, so it doesn’t require oil for lubrication systematically on a regular basis.
  • Oil-free air compressors are prevented from wearing out by a chemical coating (Teflon) over its parts to minimize friction.
  • Oil-less air compressors have got the advantage as they are lighter in weight and more compact. Moreover, they can easily be affordable as they are low in the price range.
  • They work excellent whether for remote purposes or used in any household or non-industrial project.
  • With all the desired and wanted qualities, oil-free air compressors have a dark aspect as well. Due to a lack of lubrication over its surfaces, harsh weather conditions may wear out and destroy its parts.
  • Also, pre-lubrication decreases with the passage of time and with regular use, so it causes friction that renders the life span of an oil-free air compressor less than half.
  • You cannot ignore its noise if you are living in a community and using these air compressors for household chores. The amount of noise production is way more than oil-lubricated air compressors.
  • Make sure you also check our Guide to Air compressors with respect to its stages.
  • More compact and easily carried
  • Free of manual oiling struggle
  • Small and simple, easier to use
  • Does not take a lot of space in your house
  • Excellent for household and other non-commercial uses
  • It is cheaper and affordable
  • Due to the utilization of already oiled parts, wear and tear is easy
  • Cant be used for heavyweight compressing tasks
  • Very noisy to be used in residential premises
  • Rapid decay and shorter life span
  • Tank size is smaller for providing sufficient air

What is oil-lubricated Air Compressor

In such types of air compressors, oil is used for lubrication frequently to the bearings and internal parts. Another interesting property is that heat produced by the machine is kept at a minimum level by the absorption medium of oil.

Oil compressors are somewhat more reliable and long-lasting. They can be better if you are going to look for a commercial air compressor.

As these air compressors require oil for maintenance, there is a lower risk of erosion and wear out.

Another blessing of this air compressor is its negligible noise production. Most perfect and suitable for you if you easily get annoyed with the noises of the machines.

However, it’s also a double-edged sword. With all the qualities it sets your heart on, there are some of its flaws as well.

It will hassle you and bother you more often for its oil replacement. A quite large effort is required for its maintenance.

To your knowledge, these air compressors are made solely for industrial purposes. So once you install it in a place, you cannot move it to another i.e. it is not portable. Shifting it from place to place is a gigantic task.

If you are dealing with projects that require remote air compressors, don’t take this trouble of a heavy machines. Just simply go and select an oil-less air compressor.

  • Heavy-duty air compressor with markedly high PSI and CFM
  • Is not exposed to regular wear and tear. Highly durable
  • Highly recommended for industrial and commercial purposes
  • Less noise production
  • Doesn’t require effort for installing and reinstalling at different work sites
  • Heavier and cant be moved
  • Hassle of maintenance
  • Expensive and costs a good sum for an oil change

How to select the Right Air Compressor May, 2024

You are now in a condition to have a vivid picture of oil-free and lubricated air compressors in your mind. Still, you cannot go easily for the selection of any one of these two. Silent Compressors are one of the best choices too for your daily use.

Actually, there are multiple buying factors that you will consider before finalizing your selection. You will be more concerned about the life span and working duration, maintenance, and consumption. We have also reviewed the comparison between CFM vs SCFM Compressors.

Oil-Free Air Compressor vs Oil –  Differences that Matter 

Below is your considerable buying list that can help you select the right air compressor to fulfill your demands.

How much usage you are estimating

Lubricated air compressors are for long-term and industrial use and need frequent oil maintenance to function properly. Contrary, oil-free air compressors are used in an occasional manner. It does not require your effort for maintenance.

Putting it in simple words, if your daily usage and workload are way demanding, then an oil compressor is the right choice for you.

If you want an air compressor for non-commercial and DIY projects, then go for oil-free compressors. They will require less effort for conservation as well

Your level of noise tolerance

Apparently, the noise has nothing to do with the performance and workload management of an air compressor. However, it is one of the distinguishing characteristics between oil-free air compressors and oil air compressors.

If you are selecting an oil-free air compressor, then be ready for loud noise production. You cannot operate it in the areas where it is mandatory to keep the noise down.

To your astonishment luck, there are some recent models of oil-free air compressors that are designed to keep noise levels minimum.

How much your wallet allows you to buy

You need a thorough analysis and survey of air compressors before investing your hard-earned money. The best thing you should keep in mind is to have a price-quality ratio of every model and design.

If this ratio falls within your affordable range, you can click on your desired machine. You should consider installation, maintenance, and electricity consumption charges overall and then finalize your decision.


Putting it all in simpler words, oil compressors are the best choice for industrial and commercial purposes.

Oil-free air compressors are smaller in size and easily portable, suitable for smaller projects and DIY use.

Expectantly, you can now better select your air compressor of choice after having a thorough analysis given in this article.

Moreover, If you need a buying guide on air compressors with respect to their capacity, Review this Guide must.

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